What do you wear on our wedding day?

Both the photographer and assistant dress as if they were a guest at the wedding. This usually means a suit. If you’re having a very casual wedding – we will also dress accordingly. The idea is that we blend in and look like part of your wedding.

If we book you, will it be you that turns up?

Yes. Steve Causon is the lead photographer and owner of Your Hand in Mine. If he’s free on the day it will be him (plus possibly an assistant photographer) who attend on the day.

If Steve’s not free – you’ll be given the option to use one of our fully fledged, experienced associates. All photographers are trained by Steve personally. You will meet your photographer before you sign anything or pay the deposit. If you book Steve, it will be Steve that turns up.

What if the photographer is ill on the day.

In the unlikely event that Steve is so ill he can’t attend on your day (and it would have to be the type of serious illness that would stop you attending your own wedding) you can opt to have one of our other photographers photograph your wedding. Alternatively – you can have all your money back (including the deposit) to make your own arrangements.

Do we get high resolution image files?

Yes – and they’re all post processed, print ready and watermark free. 3 versions of each picture: Colour, Black & White and Sepia. That way you aren’t stuck with a load of black and whites when you want full colour. You can print from the disks – you can email the photographs to your friends or put the pictures on facebook. The professional Canon and Nikon Cameras we use mean that if you really want to, you can print the photographs huge.

We’re getting married abroad. Do you travel?

Yes – I have a valid passport and have travelled far and wide for my photography. Depending on the gorgeousness of your wedding location, there will probably be a small supplement to pay for economy airfare and accommodation. If you’ve already booked a photographer – or one comes with your venue I’m happy to photograph your UK reception and provide a mixture of their photographs and mine in an album – so long as you get the disk of high resolution images.

What do you offer, that other photographers don’t?

The Autograph board.

This is a photograph printed on the day of your wedding. We usually use the group photograph which is printed to 8”x 10” size and mounted with a wide frame bevel cut ivory board. It is upon this frame that your guests sign or write their congratulations. Many photographers offer this service with a photograph of you taken during an engagement shoot weeks before the wedding. We actually print one of your wedding photographs at your wedding. It always goes down very well with the guests as it’s a photograph of them, from a couple of hours ago. This encourages more people to sign it than a photograph of just the two of you weeks before.

We say all day, we mean all day. 

Bridal preparations a couple of hours before your ceremony to well after the first dance, if that’s what you want. We don’t clock watch. If the band is taking a little too long to set up and your first dance is half an hour late, we won’t rush off home or demand extra cash. We’re in it for the long haul.

Copy-write free, print ready, fully edited disks of all your photographs.

See above!

Reasonably Priced Albums

We supply gorgeous Italian storybook albums as well as traditional / classic albums at a reasonable price. We don’t hold you to ransom over your album and we can source your album from any supplier in the world. We also offer parent copies at a hugely discounted rate. Contact us for details.

Photos Printed on-site

As well as the Autograph Board, we can print large format photographs, frame them and gift wrap them onsite, discretely while you eat your wedding breakfast. We can take a portrait of you and your parents early on in the day which can then be presented to them as a thank-you gift. Imagine the parents’ delight when given a beautifully wrapped photograph of you and them during the groom’s thank you speech. We can also set up a photo studio for your guests to have portraits taken and produced during the evening reception.

DVD Slideshow with a difference

Not your usual boring slideshow with all the pictures fading in and out. Creative, inventive slideshows set to music of your choice – either on a DVD or an iPad. Click the YouTube box on the right and get an idea of what we mean.